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Google triples cash reward to $20,000 for hackers….

 Google has raised to $20,000 its bounty on software bugs that hackers could exploit for cyber attacks on the Internet giant’s online services.

The maximum reward for exposing a vulnerability that would let an intruder’s code get up to mischief in a Google datacenter was ramped up from the $3,133.70 payout set when the bounty program launched in November of 2010.

“When we get more bug reports, we get more bug fixes,” Google security team manager Adam Mein said. “That is good for our users; that is good for us.”

Google has paid out approximately $460,000 since it established the Vulnerability Reward Program.

Of the 11,000 software flaws reported to Google, more than 780 qualified for rewards ranging from $300 to the maximum, a figure selected because the digits translate into a technical term in a hacker programming language.

The bounty was raised to inspire software savants to hunt for difficult-to-find, and potentially perilous, bugs hidden deep in programs, according to Mein.

“We want them to know the reward is there for them if they find the most severe bugs,” Mein said. Bugs found in more sensitive services such as Google smartphone “Wallet” software tends to merit more generous rewards.

People vying for bounties have tended to be computer security professionals; engineering students honing their skills, and website operators, according to Google.


Google Drive launching soon….

Google Inc is preparing to roll out a service to let consumers store photos and other content online, a source familiar with the matter said, pushing into a market now dominated by the likes of Dropbox and Box.

The service, to be called Google Drive, could be announced as soon as Tuesday and would be offered with both free and premium for-pay versions, the source said.

Google’s “cloud storage” offering will incorporate search capabilities and allow users to store pictures, notes and other documents on the Internet and access them from any Web-connected device.

Consumers will get 5 Gigabytes of storage for free with Google Drive, while various versions with incrementally more storage capacity, topping out at about 100 Gibabytes, will be available for monthly fees, the source said.

It was not immediately clear how much Google will charge for the premium versions.

A Google spokeswoman said the company does not comment on rumor or speculation.

The move turns up the competitive heat with high-profile Web startups such as Dropbox, Box and Evernote, as well as with Microsoft Corp and its SkyDrive service.

Some of those services, such as Box, have offered an increasing array of business-oriented features such as online collaboration capabilities.

Google is increasingly developing services to let consumers store their personal information, from digital music to photos, on remote internet servers and access the data any time with any device, such as smartphonestablets and desktop computers.

The world’s No.1 web search engine with roughly $38 billion in 2011 revenue, Google generates 96 per cent of its revenue from advertising, such as the small ads that appear alongside its search results.

Google Drive will work with sophisticated image search technology to let consumers sift through a wide variety of document types, which could include the likes of Adobe PDF files andphotographs, the source said.

Some details of Google Drive have appeared in various online blogs in recent months, including The Next Web, which first reported that the service could be rolled out this week.

Chrome 19 Beta – A Revolutionary Stuff

Google has released the latest version of their desktop browser “Chrome 19 beta”  for Windows, Mac and Linux. The latest version of the browser has been added extra support for Chrome Beta on Android 4.0 devices.

When browsing from your computer, a new “Other Devices” option has been added to the bottom of a new tab window, allowing you to pull up your Android Chrome tabs and access them at your leisure on your desktop. And it doesn’t just pull up the tab, but that tab’s history as well. That way you can navigate forward and backward in that tab’s history on your desktop. now this is something which can be credited as a revolutionary stuff.

The developer’s build of Chrome 20 was also released which now features the Chrome to Mobile option for sending desktop pages directly to your Android 4.0 device. You guys can grab the new Chrome Beta here.


Google Map v6.5 For Android

Recently Google updated its Google Maps to version 6.5 for android,with lots more features added or updated like adding a redesigned Navigation menu for devices with Android 4.0+ platform. This new version also provides estimated travel times within Google Maps with respect to the traffic conditions. The traffic data is refreshed constantly which will help users get the latest possible information.

Google already offered traffic data but this is first time it has made the data available as part of directions. The previous traffic feature that was removed from google maps last summer provided users with the worst-case traffic scenario based on historic traffic data.

It was further revealed that Google pulled that feature as it wanted to better the freshness of the data. The new feature gives users ability to check current traffic conditions and also provides an estimated length of travel time, which is based on data constantly refreshed. so the users will be having almost correct travel time. Google says the traffic information will be better and more precise if more people opted in the service.

Google Maps will provide now higher resolution map, for devices with high pixel density screen such as Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy S II, Droid Razr and others, which means you will get less cluttered map while navigating. The new style is also said to help maps react more quickly to panning, zooming, and twisting. Google also added the ability to prioritize a transit mode and route option in Google Maps 6.5 for Android.

Google Maps for Android v6.5 is available at Google Play