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Remotely Control Your Android Phone Using SMS

Consider a situation when you kept your phone in silent and now you cant find anywAndoridhere. You wanted to ring on that but the ringer is in silence mode. Now what? Frustration of course! Why don’t you use the app called “Agastya” which will turn your ringer on and you can find it with a simple missed call from your mate’s number. You will turn your phone’s ringer by just sending a SMS from any phone. Even the simplest Nokia 1100 will do.

The app “Agastya” can do many other tasks other than turning your ringer on via SMS. You can also retrieve your missed call alerts, and also incoming SMS messages through simple SMS.

So how do you do it?

Firstly, you need to install this app from Goggle’s play store. Click here to install Agastya.

Now it will ask for your email id and a PIN which you will use to retrieve information from your Android Phone. Enter both the information and you are done. (Don’t forget to keep Agastya running in the background.)

Now from any mobile sms that PIN (which you entered at first startup time). And within few seconds you will receive a list of commands which will help you retrieve the information from your phone. These will be valid for the next one hour. 

Once you receive that SMS containing the list of commands you are ready to hack into your own phone. Do take care of the capital letters while sending those codes.

This is pretty useful for the users which have multiple phones. In case you forgot your other phone somewhere you can also fetch contacts from your phone via SMS.

The IMEI number can help you block a stolen phone from accessing network. (To know the IMEI number of your device type *#06#.)

Here is a list of SMS command which you can try at your android phone.

SILENT Turns of the Ringer of the phone
RINGER Turns on the Ringer
IMEI Gets the IMEI number of your phone
LAST MESSAGES Retrieve the last 5 messages received at your phone
LAST CALLS Retrieve the last 5 dialed/ received/missed call detail
<CONTACTS> Fetches the contact number of that person


There are other alternatives to this app too. You can also try Where’s My Droid app which will not only turn on the ringer of your phone remotely but will also send you the phone’s current GPS location by SMS.