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Windows 8

Hands on with Windows 8 RTM

August 1, Microsoft released what I call one of the biggest gamble and facelift of any operating system in the tech world. First thing you are going to notice about this operating system is that familiar Desktop version is almost dead and it has remain just a part of windows 8. The OS is entirely App focused. I admit using those were fun and they no lesser than a conventional programs.


Everything is about the Apps

Right on the Start screen, you’ll see the new builds most noticeable updates: Three new apps — Sports, Travel and News — are pinned directly on the screen, and come built into the OS. Each of the apps implements great Metro design, but caters to a very specific purpose that might not appeal to every user. Still, they’re all slick and highlight how much Microsoft wants its PC experience to more closely resemble an app-based mobile experience.


The Microsoft Store

Microsoft has integrated an inbuilt app store from where you can directly install apps. The most beneficial feature in installing this is every time you refresh your PC (Refreshing in windows 8 is near to System Restore. Doing a system refresh it installs a fresh copy of windows without affecting your apps and documents. It is possible that you will lose those apps which you have installed from other media) these apps are reinstalled with all those customization which you have done previously. So we need not to install the same app every time we refresh PC.


Some great Features include

  • Much faster startup. Let’s be honest, there’s no comparison with the time it takes to start using an iPad versus a Windows 7 laptop. Windows 8 makes great strides towards eliminating this difference.
  • New Start screen with live tiles that update with app info such as arriving emails, news items, weather, and stock tickers. Default apps are included that provide all this.
  • Syncing with all your PCs through Microsoft account sign in. This capability syncs personalization preferences, Internet Explorer favorites, backgrounds, WiFi passwords and more with cloud-connected accounts.
  • New App Store. The apps sold here will run on both Windows 8 tablets and full PCs. The apps will have to pass standards, and can be updated and installed on multiple PCs in your account (just as with the Mac App Store). They’ll also get the ability to connect with other apps for services like email or social network updating.
  • Improved battery life for laptops as well as tablets.
  • Faster Wi-Fi reconnect times.
  • Faster graphics and text performance, thanks to hardware acceleration.
  • A much improved Internet Explorer 10, with far better support for the new HTML5 standards and faster performance.
  • New file folder window choices.
  • New Task Manager
  • Trusted Boot. This prevents malware from loading before the OS, on systems with UEFI boot. In general, security is much tighter in Windows 8 than in Windows 7 (though we’ve heard that song before).
  • Built in Consumer apps—People, for social network contacts; Photos, Mail, Messaging, Calendar, Video,
  • ISO mounting. The OS can now make a disc image file appear as a drive.
  • You’ll get all this and more for a mere $39.99 upgrade from Windows XP and later. And don’t forget that Windows 8 runs on any hardware that can runs Windows 7. It will also be able to run any programs that run under Windows 7, unless you opt for a Windows RT tablet, which will only run new-style Windows 8 apps.

An amazing News Reader with Innovative Bing Reader

Trust me this is one of the most exciting feature of the windows 8. The Bing Daily! It gets automatically updated and I am sure you will enjoy reading news like never before. The built in browser has the superb and innovative clarity and it is on your screen exactly the way it is in the newspapers.

More interestingly you can add a My News. In my news you add few topics and it automatically searches those topics in news and puts in front of you the most apt news regarding those topics. I have added topics like “apple” and “India” and I need not to search for news regarding these topics. It feeds me automatically. Go read the news like never before!


Multitasking to a New Level

Windows 8 am sure is going to take multitasking to a great new level. You can actually spilt the windows and keep on working on the either windows without any hazzle. You can view videos in right pane while making your visual studio program in the main pain.


The final Opinion

The edition which Microsoft has released seems to be more concentrated on the homes users. Apps like ” 7Days” and “Never Late” are fun but are of great use for home users in specific. The real robustness of the system will be evaluated once the commercial version is out. A lot more is to be done by the windows 8 developer as the freezing problem is most common. And yes while using on laptop do use your external mouse otherwise I am sure there are more chances of you hating the new OS.


Did you try the new

I have been using Gmail since 2005 but the new and was a great admirer of this service.  But the new Microsoft’s Outlook looks extremely tempting both in terms of features and also the user-interface which is far way ahead than that of Gmail.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should use Continue reading Did you try the new