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Increase your chances to get a confirmed train ticket from IRCTC

I believe almost every one of us have faced problems while booking online tickets from IRCTC. And especially when it comes of booking the Tatkal tickets. Time plays the most crucial part in the booking. The more it takes time in filling in the details, the less are chances of getting a confirmed tatkal ticket. And we need to fill in that details every time the transaction gets cancelled or we need to book an another train ticket. You must be thinking isn’t there any way by which we can reduce the time which we waste every time in filing in the same details like name, age and sex and ID number? Of, course there is. You just have to click on a bookmark and all the details of the passenger are automatically inserted into the IRCTC booking details page. You may save as many number of passengers you want to. Here is how. The video explains how to reduce the time spent in booking hence increased chances of getting a tatkal ticket from IRCTC.

Now here is a trick to make sure you are all ready with your filling details even before the bookings are started. What you will need for this is Magic Autofill. It’s a simple online tool which will fill the passenger details on the IRCTC website with the click of a button thus giving making you ahead of others.


Now how to do. Click on “” around ten minutes before the time when Tatkal booking is going to be open complete the form on the website – its almost a copy of the form available on the Indian railways website. Once you’ve filled the passenger details, click on I’m Feeling Lucky and the tool will generate a Magic Autofill button. You need to drag this button to your bookmarks toolbar.

Now when you are ready to book a ticket on the Indian Railways website , just click the same Magic Autofill button on your bookmarks toolbar and magic will happen as your form will be automatically filled up with the passengers details!

This happens because you are filling a form in advance and saving it as a bookmark. When you are on the actual form, and you click the bookmark, you  transfer the previously filled values to your new form.

There are some forms in IRCTC form which may not have every field that’s available on the Magic Autofill website like food preference or ID details, in that case, you can just ignore these fields on the Magic Autofill site. Try it yourself for any train you feel like or you are about to board very soon.

You’ll also have to provide an ID number on the online reservation form of all passengers when booking for Tatkal tickets.


Now get an amazon kindle in india for rs. 7k only

Yes. That’s no joke. Bookworms can rejoice. You can now get an Amazon Kindle in India for Rs 7000 only at all leading Tata-Croma stores. To buy online from Croma the The Electronics Megastore visit here.

What is an Amazon Kindle?

Amazon kindle is an electronic e-book reader which supports TXT, PDF, HTML and JPEG. You can read your favorite novels, poems, personal documents and also can take the advantage of a built in dictionary. It supports Wi-Fi too. The amazon kindle has a clear 6 inch display through which you can read in bright sunlight without glare. With 2GB in-built memory you can store up to 1400 books.

Pay for books now in Rupees

The partnership involves Amazon expanding its Kindle Store, under which, Croma will hawk the Kindle hardware. The store will be featuring over a million books, including 70 of 100 Nielsen Bestsellers and allow consumers to purchase e-books by paying rupees.

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Want to be a Facebook India Ambassador?

It’s time for you all to be an Ambassador at Facebook Representing Indian Ambassador of Facebook.


Facebook has now introduced a new Ambassador program in India to promote the usage of Facebook on mobile phones in the country.

The requirements are simple and everyone can participate. You are supposed to convince your friends to install the Facebook app on their mobile phones. Once the app is installed, your friend will also have to associate his or her mobile phone number with Facebook.

You can then pass on this list of phone numbers to Facebook India and users who bring the maximum number of conversions will be rewarded with the Facebook Ambassador status.


There’s no compensation involved and going forward, you may be required to promote Facebook in your school too.


If instructed by Facebook, you will engage in activities to promote Facebook.

These activities may be like working with your school administration to setup the authentic page for your school on Facebook, creating you college Yearbook on Facebook, uploading pictures of each class and tagged students in the pictures, organizing a Facebook Day on Campus that focuses on educating the audience about using Facebook on mobile devices, etc.

Happy Facebooking! J



Indian students to be trained by Nokia

Nokia, (a Finland company) has tied with Bharath University of chennai to train the indian students in the field of mobile technology. Currently Nokia is the largest manufacturer of mobiles. Business review reports the meritorious students will get the industrial training and upon the successful completion they will receive the certification from Nokia, becoming Nokia Developer Launchpad Members.