Want to access Wikipedia Offline? Here is how


Ever thought of accessing Wikipedia on your computer without internet connection? Well that is possible and very easy too. Here are some of the easiest method to consider.

World largest encyclopedia provides database dumps of all their wikis that one can download for free. And once you download you will be able to view those offline.

Step 1.

Install the Kiwix software on your computer which can be downloaded from here.

Step 2.

Download one of the Wikipedia editions – the articles are packaged as .zim files that will open directly inside Kiwix without requiring any conversion.

The latest .zim package for various editions of Wikipedia can be downloaded from kiwix.org using any download manager or you can use this .torrent file to download using any BitTorrent client. This is 9.7 GB file and includes all the text of Wikipedia pages but NO images.

Alternative Way

Download the the free and portable WikiTaxi software. WikiTaxi ships with an importer that will first un-compress the Wikipedia database files (.bz2) and then converts them into a .taxi file format. Now you open these .taxi files inside WikiTaxi just like the way you open .doc files inside Microsoft Word. If you are running low on space, the original Wikipedia dumps can be safely discarded.

The dumps are available as .xml.bz2 files and don’t worry these are updated more frequently.


Let us know if you face any problem regarding taking Wikipedia offline.


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