Did you try the new Outlook.com?

I have been using Gmail since 2005 but the new Outlook.com and was a great admirer of this service.  But the new Microsoft’s Outlook looks extremely tempting both in terms of features and also the user-interface which is far way ahead than that of Gmail.

Here are top 5 reasons why you should use Outlook.com.

#5 Sign in with Temporary password. 

If you have connected your mobile phone to your Hotmail / Outlook account, you can sign-in from any computer without using your actual password. Click the “Sign in with a single-use code” link on the login screen and Microsoft will send you a temporary password in a text message that expires after first use.

#4 Unlimited Storage 

Gmail offers 10 GB of storage space for free accounts. Outlook offers virtually unlimited storage that expands.

#3  Block Emails from Particular Addresses or Domains

Some people love sending email forwards and other useless messages that do not deserve a place in your mailbox. Your web mail’s spam filter won’t block these emails as they are most coming from “real” people.

#2 Send Large Files and Email Attachments

With Outlook (and Gmail), you can send any number of file attachment provided the overall size of the message is less than 25 MB. Outlook is more tightly integrated with SkyDrive and if you try attaching a file that exceed the 25 MB limit, it will automatically send it via SkyDrive.

#1 Outlook is fast.

The most impressive thing about the new Outlook.com, other than the beautiful UI, is its speed. It feels fast and though Microsoft is calling Outlook.com a preview version


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