Opera Mini 7 for Android


Opera Software has launched the final version of Opera Mini 7 for Android. Opera Mini being used by 160 million monthly users, will be really pleased to know this. This version 7’s new features will better help watching your mobile data diet, apart from improved performance and other changes.

 Opera 7 for Android features are improved OpenGLES hardware acceleration, and better optimization for dual-core and quad-core devices. The total number of speed dial buttons has been left on you to decide.
Web page compression has also improved with up to 90 percent of the original data cut out, helping use less data, apart from improving page load times. Beam support (or NFC on Android 4.x) has also been added, apart from an exit button. Tab management, and find-in-page UI have also been improved.

About Kumar Ashutosh

Hello There, I am Kumar Ashutosh, 21 year old guy working hard to portray himself as a blogger :p. I am currently working on TheAndroidHub.Com

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