IOS 5.1 Became Familiar Quickly To Its Users

The users have made it a history by quickly updating to the latest update release of  iOS 5.1. yes this is really true.

david smith, creator of the app audiobooks (an app available for both iphone and ipad as free and even paid variant with almost 10000 weekly downloads showed this statistics of the users who downloaded this app ever since the release of apple new os on march 7.

the graph clearly shows that after 14 days release of this OS 5.1 61 percent of users downloading this app were using it, comprising of only 18 % to be using it on old OS 5.0. the rest were those users who were not eligible for the upgrade to OS 5

The suspected reasons for the quicker adoption of the latest iOS updates may be the addition of over-the-air (OTA) updates that was introduced with iOS 5, and thus the users are not bothered about connecting their device to the computers for this update.this definitely is a good news for the developers as they can also implement new OS related features in their apps faster and drop support for older OS versions that don’t support these features.

Since this is the data of one app so will have to wait for  few may data to look upon to get a clear idea of all this and have an exact view about this.

for now it seems this OS is winning overs the users Over The Air….


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